Is Tomar once dying in Chile?

There is a beautiful tradition in Chile which is called “tomar la once”. Unfortunately this tradition is about to die. Luckily the team of Fundo Laguna Blanca, Curacautín came up with a very special idea to safe it.

Here you have an explanation of what is tomar once in Chile for those who don´t know it any more:
“La once” is a traditional cold dish which is served between 4pm and 6pm and contains coffee, tea, milk or mate and bread with salty sides like butter, cheese, liver sausage, avocado and tomatoes, but also sweet sides like jam, cake and seasonal fruits. The “once” is an important instance to share a dish all together with all family members around the table before the main dinner is served.
Nowadays this tradition is getting lost because of longer working and school- hours, the tendency of „being cosmopolite“ and the desire “to distance oneself from antique, rural customs“.
We want to conserve this tradition and give new impulses to improve communication between people, far away from communication via smartphones. Therefore, offers a “once“ with very special details for example beautiful porcelain crockery and very original English teapots. The owners even would be open to give away some pieces; this means you could also buy a piece of porcelain.

By the way there are different theories about the origin of the “once“:

  1. The strongest theory is, that “once” in English “eleven” comes from the eleven letters of the word “aguardiente” which is clear liquor the workers drank in earlier times during their midday break.
  2. It is a variation from the English tradition “elevenses”. This is a quite similar dish, which is served at 11o´clock. The Chileans adapted the word and concept from the English and German colonialists.
  3. In the period of the colonialization men used the phrase “tomar once” as a code word for “drink alcohol”, as there have been restrictions and prohibitions of alcohol.

If you are open for having interesting conversations or like to know different ways to see the world or simply are interested in German customs, if you like to get to know Fundo Laguna Blanca, adore nature, or are open to get rid of former prejustices, then we are very happy to hear from you for a weekend of „tomar once“ and maybe this teapot is will be yours soon!